In November of 2013, a group of enterprising students from McQuaid Jesuit’s Class of 2016 founded the Shield. Its first issue came out a month later.

Since then, the Shield has served as the online-only complement to the Lance and the Middleman Messenger. Unlike those publications, the Shield does not cover McQuaid Jesuit news or events. Members of the Shield (usually known as “guys”) work on articles about topics of personal interest, including film, music, video games, sports, current events, et cetera. Some Shield members even submit artwork, such as comics or portraits, instead of articles. The online format makes it easier for Shield staff to write longer articles and work together even if they’re physically separated.

The Shield is open to McQuaid Jesuit students from the eighth grade on. If you’re interested in writing and/or drawing for the Shield, stop by room 252 or send us an email at Staff meetings are every Monday during Flex, and the Morales regularly updates the staff on Schoology.