Phone Review: Honor 5x

I’m not one of those people who are super into phones. I don’t buy the newest iPhone every year, I don’t even have a Snapchat. Heck, I don’t even have service for my phone. However, I still respect the technology and I use my phone quite a bit for YouTube, Reddit, messaging, etc. So when my old iPhone 4 was slowly dying on me, it was time for a much needed upgrade. In the past, I would just get whatever phone was passed down to me from my older brother, but this time, I was going to treat myself to something a little nicer.

I couldn’t possibly justify spending $500-$700 on a brand new flagship phone, so I did some research for budget phones on YouTube. It came down to 2 choices: the Honor 5x and the Moto G4+, 2 phones that were a good price and had similar specs. But why settle for these $150-$200 phones when I could go even cheaper thanks to the magic of EBAY! So I hopped on eBay and spent a while browsing for a good deal, until I reached my final decision of purchasing an Honor 5x. Yes, you probably have never heard of this phone. And yes, the company who made it, Huawei, is Chinese.

The listing I found was for a like-new phone, priced at, get this, $110. I would have to say that, after using the phone for a few months now, this was an incredible deal! To start off, the phone looks awesome for such a low price. It has a super sleek looking brushed metal back and is nice and thin. As for the screen, it’s 1080p, 5.5 inches which was a huge upgrade for me coming from a 3.5 inch iPhone 4. One downside is that the screen doesn’t get all that bright, but that hasn’t been too much of a problem for me.

Tech wise, this phone’s pretty dang good. It has an 8 core, 1.5 Ghz CPU (when your phone has more cores than your PC :l ) with 2gb of ram and a 3000mah battery. Unfortunately, with a big screen and power hungry CPU, the battery doesn’t last all that long. Usually I can make it through one and a half to two days, though it does charge up pretty quick. Another feature that hit the ball out of the park for me was the 13mp back camera. No, it’s not comparable to the iPhone X or the Google Pixel 2, but for the average user like me, it works very well.

Here are some pictures I took with the camera:





Now for a few miscellaneous features: The speakers get pretty loud and sound nice. Speaking of sound, there is a headphone jack, so take that Apple! A huge feature that was a winner on this phone was its fingerprint sensor. For most people, this is probably isn’t much of a deal, but keep in mind, I’m coming from an iPhone 4 that I had to password unlock. It’s pretty accurate, sometimes requiring 2 tries, but hey, for a $110 phone that came out in early 2016, this is an awesome feature. The Android interface is clean, using a skin by the name of EMUI 4.0. It’s not buttery smooth or comparable to a flagship experience, but hey, it’s a budget phone. and its still pretty nice. Switching from iOS wasn’t too bad, and I think I actually prefer Android now.

To conclude, I really want to emphasize how good of a phone this is for such a low price. Realizing what I can get for only $110 (plus shipping) has made me decide that 1.) I’m almost definitely going to stick with Android whenever I upgrade again, and 2.) The $1000 iPhone X is just a waste. If you’re looking for an upgrade that will definitely not break the bank, make sure to consider the Honor 5X.

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