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I love anime, and the thing is, I have actually have had friends ask me something like: what anime should I start with? I am here to answer this question. What anime should you start with?

That all depends on your personal preferences, and that’s what makes anime great! It’s a completely personal experience and I will try to accommodate for these; however, if I do not, let me know in the comments what your taste is and I will see what I come up with.

Escapism Anime

What is escapism anime? Exactly what it says: leave reality. Watch some mindless action unfold. Enjoy.

Fooly Cooly/FLCL. I have watched this show twice (noted, it is only six episodes) and I still don’t understand it at all, and usually, me being the lover of plot and story I am, I would hate a show like this, but the silliness and action sequences just blow my mind and I love it. This is an anime where, if I am stressed or just overwhelmed, I go online and watch it on VRV.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Some who have watched this anime may not call it escapism, but to me it is. The main plot of this story follows around the Jojo bloodline, and realistically, that is about how much I can tell you without spoiling it. The fight scenes are crazy and fun. Even better, this show is full of memes. After you watch this show, you will dang well know what I am talking about. This can also be found on VRV.


Juni Taisen: Zodiac War. This is actually a new anime that came from this series and I wouldn’t have watched without seeing the video from FourStarBento (a separate channel from the people who made Dragonball Z Abridged) where they have started a series talking about Fall 2017 Anime Week 1. This is only five episodes in, but it is really good. This is like the Hunger Games series, except that the characters are actually developed. Check this out on VRV.


Dragon Ball. For this category, this show is unavoidable. Now, do realize this; this is when Goku was just a mere lad and there were no Saiyans. The reason, after a long and internal debate with myself, that I determined you should watch this is because this show is funny and the whole group actually matters for the most part with this series, unlike in Z and Super, where it just became three to four characters being actually worth something. Also the fight scenes and writing are great and easy to follow.


Attack on Titan. This anime is SOOO GOOOD. Honestly, if you like action with a really good plot, then this is the best anime to start action-wise. This anime is about Eren wanting to kill all the Titans who have taken over a majority of the earth. Check it on Netflix or VRV.


One Piece. This series is my favorite manga/anime of ALL TIME. This series is long, yes, but the character development is something unlike many others. Now I have a video to share with you, to better get my points across. Watch SuperEyePatchWolf’s video on why you should watch/read One Piece.

Naruto. This is can surprisingly be found on Netflix; at least Part I can. Part I is absolutely amazing, with great character development, except for Sakura. This follows the journey of, well, Naruto and his goal to become Hokage. The fights are great and the jokes are almost always on point. I do warn you, though, Part II loses some of this, but that might be for another article.

My Hero Academia. This story is great, and while yes, it certainly follows a lot of tropes, the thing that sets this show apart from the rest is how it changes the tropes in so many ways. For example, Deku, our main protagonist, desires to be strong, unlike most main characters who have some insane hidden power. In this one, the main character is not even close to some of the stronger characters in the series, and I love it.


Bleach. I am going to make an article devoted to this series and the hate against it. The reason I called it supernatural is because, well, it’s about souls and fighting souls and beasts while still taking place in the real world. The story is very enticing and the characters are funny and developed very well. Fights are on point and make you gasp in amazement. Check it out on VRV.

This is very much about the supernatural. Yet again, for the purpose of this article, I really want you to check out “Why You Should Watch Yu Yu Hakusho” by SuperEyePatchWolf.

So guys, this is going to have to wrap up our anime gateway discussion. These anime are the ones I would recommend watching if you are new to this type of media. If you have any questions whatsoever, please comment down below, and check out the videos I recommended. Thanks for reading!


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