Sammy’s Secrets to Success #2: how too write good

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They say to write what you know, but what do you do if you know nothing?

Writer’s block is something we all face at some point or another. Whether we need to write an essay for first period the next day, have to crank out another article for the Shield, or just want to write to express ourselves in simple yet abstract language (it makes sense, trust me), writer’s block can really be a hindrance in our lives. It distracts us; irritates us; bores us. Maybe you don’t know how to translate your thoughts/feelings into words, or perhaps you can’t think of an idea in the first place.

Well fear no more, because Sammy’s ’bout to tell you the best way to defeat writer’s block. Ignore it. Now you’re probably going into the comments to write: Wow. This stupid little eigth grader is a moron. The whole problem with writer’s block is that I can’t write anything because I don’t know what to write. To which I would respond, you spelled “eighth grader” wrong, so who’s the moron now?

And then, I would go on to explain that the problem with writer’s block isn’t that you don’t know what to write. It’s that you are overthinking it. That you are trying too hard. That you are so preoccupied with thinking about the final result that you can’t figure out the process.

The solution? Get out of your own head. Go over what you have to do. And then write the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t think; don’t feel. Just write. Write a sizable chunk and then stop. Read what you just wrote. And go from there. You probably won’t think it’s perfect, or even great. But it’s something. Even if it sucks as a whole, there may be one sentence, one word, that inspires you. One little idea. And then you can start really writing. Before you know it, the essay is finished. The scene has been completed. The article is ready to be published. Just like that.

Now, this is not foolproof. It may not be the perfect solution, but it is by far the best. If it is not working for you, here are some tips:

  • Personalize it. Relate it to something you do know, something that you are comfortable with. Make it so that it is something that you can tell you wrote. Not some boring paper, but something you would want to read.
  • Make a list. Brainstorm. It doesn’t matter if the ideas are stupid, because as I said before, one stupid idea may inspire a really good idea and then, boom, you’re done.
  • Cry.
  • Take a break. Clear your head. Don’t start watching YouTube or anything that may be considered procrastinating, but listen to some music. Think about your day. Eat something. Play with your dog. And if you don’t have a dog, go get one. If you don’t have the money, I’m sure you can find one on the street. Then, when you are refreshed and relaxed, return to the task at hand.
  • Ask for some help. Your friends may have a different perspective that can help you overcome your writer’s block. If you are like me and have no friends (liek if u cri errytim), consult the internet. I’m sure someone will have some fresh advice on whatever specific topic you are writing about.
  • If it is a matter of word count or phrasing, resort to my previous Sammy’s Secrets to Success: Loopholes in Learning. There are plenty of strategies that you can use to lessen the burden on your back.
  • Go back to square one. Start back at the beginning and do it differently. Keep trying different ways until you manage to think outside the box, or block in this scenario.
  • Mess up. I’ve said it multiple times already, but I’ll say it again so as to both ingrain the point into your head and to add to my word count. It’s better to write a terrible paragraph than no paragraph. It’ll be easier to edit and adapt a bad paper into a good paper than create a good paper from nothing at all.

So those are my so-called “Secrets to Success” on overcoming writer’s block. Hopefully they helped. If they didn’t, please dislike this article and write a comment explaining that I am a fraud using this website to make myself feel superior to others because the only secret I actually have is that I am insecure and I need to act condescending to trick myself into being happy.

On that note, good day, and good writing. Peace.

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