For Fortune and Glory! Chapter 2

A lot has happened since I last wrote in this journal. I wonder why I even bother writing in this damn thing; it’s not like anyone is going to read it.

Anyway, back to the events that have transpired since I last wrote. Looking back, I see that the last entry ended just before the journey into the earth. Well, that journey was quite extensive, to say the least. Other than the complete and utter darkness, the caves were just as bad as the night, with countless enemies that swarmed us nonstop. Needless to say, we died a lot. I mean, A LOT.

With limited equipment, we did not fare so well against the hordes of the darkness. Derf fared the best, because his equipment and supplies consisted of a wooden staff and his own power. Hodor had it the worst, constantly running out of arrows and having to go home to get more. I did as well as one would expect a swordsman to do, when that swordsman is being shot at by fifteen enemies at once.

The trip was definitely a necessity, though. The deposits of iron and silver were abundant. Usually, one of us mined the mineral while the others stood guard, careful to make sure that no unwanted guests showed up to ruin our day. We mined for days. That is not an exaggeration; we literally mined for about three days. One tends to lose track of time when there is no way to tell what time it actually is. There were also treasure chests down in the dark. Usually, these things had useless, worthless materials, but occasionally we came across a very useful item. One such item, a cloud in a bottle, emitted a burst of air when opened. This bottle seemed to have no limit of pressurized air to expend. We gave it to Hodor, because he is the one who discovered it. The most useful function that we have found for the bottle is for an extra boost when jumping. When put into practice, it functions as a sort of “double jump,” allowing Hodor to reach places Derf and I would have no hope of reaching on our own. When the mining trip finally ended, we found ourselves with enough ingots of silver and iron to fashion ourselves some armor and upgraded weapons. At this point we took time to expand our house. We added three rooms, all identical, and filled to the brim with chests to store all of the crap we had acquired.

The next day, we found three random people living in these rooms. When I confronted the first, he said that he lived here now. After I informed him how wrong he was, he refused to leave. He did say that, to pay for his housing, he would supply us with magical materials. I do not know what kind of “magical materials” he might be selling, but I was not in the mood to start a war on drugs, so I just let him be. The same went for the others, except they had the professions of arms dealer and demolitionist. Maybe their being here will be useful in the future. Who knows?

Derf decided the next day that he would make it his personal goal to make us each grappling hooks. I have no idea where he got the desire to do that, but Derf is a huge Batman fan, so maybe he just wanted to be like Batman. I mean, who doesn’t want to be like Batman? Hodor and I thought that it was a lost cause, but Derf actually managed to do something, and he created three functioning grappling hooks. At this point he said something completely nerdy and a waste of my time to remember. It was something like “These will increase our agility and speed, while making it safer to mine, and increase our aerodynamic abilities.” Something like that.

I guess I can’t expect anything else from a nerd with no social skills and lacking all common sense. Even though Derf is an idiot, he . . .



“Uhh, Mitt, you might want to come take a look at this,” said Hodor.

“What is i . . . What the hell is that?”

“Any chance it wants to sell us cookies?” said Derf.

“Why don’t you go ask it, you moron,” Mitt said sarcastically.

“Well, if we can’t die, why not?”

Derf moved towards to door, and as

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