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Gerald Earl Gillum (also known as “G-Eazy”) is an American rap artist who started making it big around 2008 and is still creating music. He has officially released four full albums; the most recent, When It’s Dark Out, was released in December of 2015. 

G-Eazy uses complicated emotions in his music, which is why he has risen to the level of popularity he is at today. G’ also raps about events in his life that affected him deeply and which parts of his audience may be experiencing themselves, which, in my opinion, is the most powerful skill an artist can have.

On this playlist you’ll find eight songs that I think represent the range of what G-Eazy is about and what to expect if you’re interested in listening to more.


Off of his breakthrough album, “Hello” is a short but to-the-point song about Gerald’s struggle to get noticed in the music bussiness. This is mostly an overlaying theme in most of his albums.

“Me, Myself & I”

This song, off 2016’s aforementioned When It’s Dark Out, became a hit Gerald again sings about the struggles of the music industry with the help of vocal backing sung by Bebe Rexha. It’s raw, it’s angry, and it’s vulgar.

“Don’t Let Me Go”

G-Eazy often sings about his struggle to find balance in his love life. The constant traveling on tours makes it hard for him to search for anything long-term, which has an obvious effect on his mental health and, therefore, his music.

“Sad Boy”

Speaking of mental health, in this song, G-Eazy depicts how the world looks at him – specifically, how they scold him for still being sad despite his success. “Gerald what are you so sad for? / This is everything you asked for . . .” 

“Tumblr Girls”

My personal favorite, “Tumblr Girls” is a song similar to that of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” This song is commonly interpreted as G-Eazy longing for a deeper love with a one-night stand – a longing that goes unrequited.

“Lady Killers”

A more upbeat summer song. G-Eazy raps about being the “big cheese” around town, a diametrically opposite message to “Tumblr Girls” or “Don’t Let Me Go” earlier on this list.

“Some Kind Of Drug”

Still on G-Eazy’s “wild fratboy” side, this song is about feeling high off of love in the air. Not much more to say here.

“Vengeance On My Mind”

If you want a running/hype song, then you’ve reached your final destination. [Ed. Note – Even if you don’t want one, this is still the end of the playlist.] “Vengeance On My Mind” is about working hard to beat those who oppose you. It was a key song for me during indoor track season (you know, before I quit the week before they won sectionals).

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