Sammy’s Secrets to Success #1: Loopholes in Learning

Homework. A constant burden on us, innocent children who need nothing but sunshine and video games. It takes up time that we don’t have in the first place, because of clubs and sports. Of course, some classes only have optional homework, and it seems like we are getting less homework than we have in previous years. On many occasions, I have either heard someone in the hallway exclaim, “I don’t have any homework today!” or I myself don’t have homework. But still, we are petty children who don’t want to do any work and want everything handed to us.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen, so we have to create shortcuts and loopholes. I have only been at McQuaid for two years (this is my third), but I have learned plenty of tips in my time. The great thing about them is that they don’t break any rules – well, most of them don’t! They are just simple things that most people just don’t realize. These are sure to either get you a higher grade or save you time. You may be aware of some, or even all, of these tips, but their obviousness doesn’t discount their helpfulness. So, without further ado, let’s get right into the news!

SECTION 1: Computer-Related Stuff.

  • Synonyms: While working on a Word document, you can right-click on any word, and in the little menu that pops up, there will be a button labeled “Synonyms.” Hovering over it will give you a list of synonyms for the word you chose. These will (probably) make you sound smarter if you use them in an essay. Just right-click on boring, orthodox words and spiff up your essay! Bear in mind two things: Synonyms are usually similar, but not the same, and not all words have synonyms in the Word dictionary.
  • Proofing: If you go to Word’s Options, you can change some settings to help check your work better. Just check and uncheck whatever you need to make your life easier.
  • I have found that this website is very helpful for studying for English tests and quizzes. It has a summary and analysis of each chapter, that is, if the book is in their library. The best part is that it isn’t blocked at school, so you can use it at FLEX.
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SECTION 2: Textbook and Apps.

  • Math Textbook: You probably know this one, but I’ll say it anyway. So far, I have only seen this in my algebra textbook and my geometry textbook, but the answers for the odd questions are in the back of the book. This has proven very helpful in the past.
  • Photomath: An app that lets you take a picture of a math question and will not only answer it but show you how to solve it. Very handy.
  • USE. SCHOOLOGY.: As much as we all hate Schoology for alerting our parents of our grades, it is an unavoidable part of our schoolwork. This makes the app very helpful for checking on what homework you have, messaging teachers, and whatnot.

SECTION 3: Random bits n’ pieces.

  • Make it interesting: If it does not interest you, you will not do as good of a job. The solution is simple. Be creative. Add a couple of jokes; add a couple of pictures. If you are having fun doing it, then it will become much, much easier. For instance, last year in seventh grade, I had Mr. Wegman for my social studies teacher, and he assigned a good number of essays. Now, social studies is one of the classes I am less interested in, so I could’ve done pretty badly on those essays. But instead, I would add jokes and fun little challenges to interest myself, and as a result, I got mostly perfect scores on those essays. But make sure you know a teacher’s limits. If the teacher doesn’t care, you can submit it with the jokes and such, but if they don’t appreciate it, you can edit it after you finish.
  • Listen to music: Pretty self-explanatory. Jam out while doing work. Use videos like this.

Those are my loopholes in learning. There are many more, but I am too lazy to think of them right now. You should be fine with just these, but if you have any tips that you think have helped you with your homework, please leave a comment below! And if you have any ideas on what you want me to write about, let me know. I am working on a sort of sequel to this about procrastinating correctly, but I would love to hear any ideas you may have.

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