My Canadian Experience: Part One – Intro

Our neighbors to the north. Land of Syrup. Tim Horton’s. Brendan Byrne’s Natural Habitat. Not-America. Canada has taken many names throughout the years. This summer, I was able to visit Moose Paradise a few times. And boy, do I have some stories. While only a few hundred miles away, Canada is just a little different from us. The way its citizens direct pedestrians, the way they cheer at a ball game, the way they  talk, it’s all just a tad unfamiliar. So I’m gonna bring my “eh” game to tell you guys about my Canadian experience with . . .

  • Food,
  • Rafting (I will explain soon),
  • Cities, and
  • Baseball

I will cover these topics in detail in subsequent articles. But so you aren’t walking in blind, let me give you a quick preview of each.


There’s Tim Horton’s and other classic Canadian foods that I will discuss, but in Halifax, the capital of  Nova Scotia, there is a truly wonderful item sold in local pizza shops: a delicious combination of dough, meat, more meat, and a very special white sauce. Read next issue to learn about the Donair.


Where the Shubenacadie River Meets the Bay of Fundy, a truly spectacular phenomenon occurs: the tidal bore. Two issues from now, read about my adventure with a 55 foot tidal change, a small raft, and 115 billion tons of water.


And by cities, I mean Toronto. And a little Halifax. Plus some Truro. You know what, ignore the whole “only Toronto” thing. Three issues from now, I will explore some of the maybe-known, maybe-not cities of southern Canada, weird froggy bus-boats, and some very interesting street peddlers.


I’m at a Blue Jays game. It’s a close score. Controversial calls are made. Blue Jays fans get angry at the ump. Blue Jays fans get angry at non-Blue Jays fans. I am not a Blue Jays fan. Four issues from now you will get to check out my story about nosebleed seats, apologetic Canadians (go figure), Toronto fanatics going nuts, and a crazy driver who tried to run over 50,000 people in her sedan.

Well, there’s a little preview.  I hope I got you pumped for these “funderful” stories. Stay tuned for “My Canadian Experience #2: Food.” See you next issue!

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