March 24, 2017
  • Fiction

    Super Heroes (In Training) #7: It Begins

    The first weeks of school passed surprisingly fast for Gwen. All the classes at the Academy were a challenge, even for someone experienced like her. She came home every day exhausted, both physically and mentally. [read more]
  • Video Games

    Review: Nintendo Switch

    I am a fairly normal person when it comes to video games, which means that I play games that I want to play on consoles I like. I don’t spend hours and hours playing video [read more]
  • Columns

    Scheuerman is Back

    Man, Shield readers, it’s been a while. I haven’t written anything for the Shield since December 1st. To put this in perspective, this was back when the Washington Huskies were saying “We Want ‘Bama,” Barack Obama [read more]
  • Fiction

    The Trifecta: #4 (Michael)

    Michael’s life returned to normal after that meeting. (That is to say, he visited the hospital four times in the course of the week, and he sent at least eighteen grown men there in that [read more]
  • Music

    Shield Playlist: Post-Midterm Depression

    PMD (abbrev.): “Post-Midterm Depression.” The Shield family understands that life, around midterm time, is stressful, straining, and overall, a bummer. And we sympathize. But luckily for you, by the time you read this, you’ll be done with all [read more]
  • Music

    Bee Thousand, by Guided by Voices

    The notion of “lo-fi” music is an easy target for critics of indie rock. It’s one thing for a band to record on bad equipment because they have to; it’s another to make that the [read more]
  • Fiction

    The Trifecta: #3 (Ben)

    Ben knew, when he walked into Dale’s room, that he was going to have an interesting week. There were two slightly younger teenagers standing next to Dale’s unorganized desk, both about fifteen or so. They [read more]
  • Video Games

    Retro Metro #9: VVVVVV

    Today we have a very fun (and hard) game on our plates. Now, I know that VVVVVV is not technically retro, as it was made in 2011, but I still think it counts because it [read more]
  • Music

    X Infinity, by Watsky

    George Virden Watsky – better known as “Watsky” – is an American rapper, poet, actor, and producer who has produced to this day six (or so) full albums. The latest, X Infinity, came out this [read more]
  • Film

    Trailer Breakdown: Dr. Strange

    Hey guys! I’m starting the year out with another trailer breakdown, and this movie needs no introduction. The first Doctor Strange trailer was all about table setting, introducing a lesser known (to non-geek crowds) Marvel [read more]

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